Our motto: In Partnership With Nature В партнерстве с природой!


The plant is located in the territory of CAUCASUS MINERALNYE VODY REGION – the latest industrial complex, one of the most modern enterprises in the region.

The automated equipment of a full cycle from leading global manufacturers allows to cover all process of manufacturing of a product on our own platforms.

Main technological advantages:

  • lines of pouring of water in PET and glassware with a productivity from 9000 bottles per hour;
  • the advanced system of water purification which has minimum influence on chemical structure of water in comparison with other ways of purification;
  • using of the laser marking equipment for printing of the individual number, date of production and number of working shift on each unit of production.

On our manufacture we apply multistage monitoring system of quality. We collect water samples on the manufacturing line every 2 hours. Own laboratory allows to do chemical water analysis within 5 minutes. The final product passes independent examination in the state certification and research organizations.