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Drinking water “Tau-Su”

“Tau-Su” drinking water has a glacial origin, it is bottled in Caucasus Mineralniy Vody protected ecological resort region.

Drinking natural water TM “TAU-SU” comes from snow tops and eternal glaciers of Greater Caucasus Range. Thawed snow slowly goes through thousand-year deposits of sedimentary breeds and gets the most natural filtration. Thereby forms large underground reserves of crystal-clear mountain water. The composition of drinking water TM “TAU-SU” promotes improvement of vital activity of an organism, increases immunity, helps to remove toxins, normalizes work of digestive organs and promotes weight reduction. Water is perfectly acceptable for daily drinking or cooking of various dishes. Tea and coffee made with this water keeps a natural taste of a drink.


  • 0.33 l.; 1 l.; 1.5 l.; 5 l.; 19 l. (PET).