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“Nagutskaya-26”. Well № 26-N of the Nagutskoe field

Mineral natural drinking curative – table carbonated water “NAGUTSKAYA-26” belongs to group of hydrocarbonate sodium mineral waters and has average level of mineralization from 3,8 to 7,5 g/l.

Сurative properties of mineral water “NAGUTSKAYA-26” are combined in it with delightful taste of the drink which is perfectly quenches thirst even in the hottest day. Quality of mineral water “NAGUTSKAYA-26” corresponds to GOST P 54316-2011.

Main ionic composition (mg/l) of “NAGUTSKAYA-26” mineral water

hydrocarbonates 2300–4000
sulfates <150
chlorides 200–650
sodium + potassium 1000–3000
magnesium <50
calcium <100
Mineralization, g/l 4,0–7,0


Indications for curative – table mineral water “NAGUTSKAYA-26”

  • gullet diseases;
  • chronic gastritis with the normal and increased secretion function of a stomach;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal gut ulcer;
  • intestines diseases;
  • liver diseases, gall bladder and bile removing ways;
  • pancreas diseases;
  • violation of digestive organs after surgeries on a stomach ulcer; postcholecystectomy syndrome;
  • metabolism diseases: diabetes, obesity, violation of a salt and lipidic exchange;
  • diseases of urinary ways.

N.B. At above-mentioned diseases during aggravation phase do not consume mineral water “NAGUTSKAYA-26”.


  • 0.5 l. (exclusive glass);
  • 1 l.; 1.5 l. (PET).