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About water

Why it is necessary to drink?
“You can’t say that water is necessary for life: water is life”, – that is what Saint-Exupéry said about this liquid which we consume, not especially reflecting. Do you know that water is the product most valuable for the human, and that our organism contains 60% water (five month embryo 94%)? Water provides body cells with nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts, etc.) and removes toxins. It is necessary to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day to maintain sufficient thermal stability of the organism and not to lose more than 15% of water containing in it: otherwise the organism may suffer from dehydration.

Water as chemical and physical object

Water is hydrogen oxide. The Earth covered with water 2.5 times more than with the land surface. Pure water doesn’t exist in nature— it always contains admixtures. Distillation is the method to receive clear water. Purified with this method water is called distilled. Composition of water (by weight): 11.19% of hydrogen and 88.81% of oxygen.

What water taste depends on:

Taste of water depends:
— on mineral structure;
— on presence in it of the organic substances and intensity of their decomposition;
— on water temperature and presence of an atmospheric air gases in it.

Increasing of sulfate content gives the water a bitterish touch, chlorides — salty taste, iron and manganese salts — inky and ferruterous smack. Water has the greatest refreshing effect at a temperature of 7-11 °C. At water temperature above 15 °C its flavoring properties decrease and it less quenches thirst.