Our motto: In Partnership With Nature В партнерстве с природой!

About Company

LLC “UNITED WATER COMPANY” (“UWC”) is one of leading producers of mineral water, drinking water, soft and juice drinks in Russia.

Фасад завода ООО Объединенная водная компания

Key factors of success of the “UWC” are competence and responsibility. Each employee of “UNITED WATER COMPANY” — is the professional loving his work and appreciating buyers of our product. Responsibility for work, for manufactured product, for that opinion which develops at our buyers and partners — is the philosophy of “UNITED WATER COMPANY”.

Factory and wells of drinking and mineral waters of “UNITED WATER COMPANY” are located in the environmentally safe area of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region.

The “UWC” company produces wide range of mineral water (“Eessentuky № 4″, ” Eessentuky № 17″, “Slavyanovskaya”, “Smirnovskaya”, “Nagutskaya-26”, “Slavyanochka”), the drinking carbonated and not carbonated “Charsu” and “Tau-Su” waters, children’s drinking water “Nasha Nyanya”, soft drinks “Royal Penguin”, etc. All soft drinks of “UNITED WATER COMPANY” are produced with use of natural drinking water. That is why we with proudly can tell that all production of our company corresponds to the highest quality standards.

Part of the responsibility philosophy of our company is introduction of ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems. For us it is not just a piece of paper hanging on a wall, for us it is confidence that our consumers buy only high quality mineral waters and drinks, and partners of “UNITED WATER COMPANY” can always count on exact execution of our obligations.

All types of mineral water, drinking water and the soft drinks made by “UNITED WATER COMPANY” pass laboratory quality control that guarantees exact compliance of our production to state standards and specifications. Also the “UWC” company is using the multistage monitoring system of quality which begins with quality control of mineral and drinking water in a manufacturing site and stops only at control of finished goods and packing materials.