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Slavyanovsky spring

The main merit in mineral water research of the Slavyanovsky source belongs to outstanding Russian scientist-hydrogeologist Nikolay Nikolaevich Slavyanov. For the first time N. N. Slavyanov arrived to Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region in 1907 where he made a topographical survey of the curative Tambukansky Lake which is near the Pyatigorsk.

Н.Н. Славянов

N. N. Slavyanov took the most active participation in work of the Russian Balneal Society established in Pyatigorsk which full member he was elected in February, 1912. From now on he forever ties his life with Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region.

Studying in 1912 geological features of the mountain Zheleznovodsk, N. N. Slavyanov came to a conclusion about necessity of deep drilling for obtaining of the mineral water hidden in subsoil. The place for drilling was decided source № 4 developed by the French hydrogeology engineer Jules François. According N. N. Slavyanov’s calculations depth of a new well had to be 120 meters what for those times was extremely risky from the technical point of view. And the first failures didn’t keep themselves waiting. After that the Geological committee forbade a further drilling of a well.

However it didn’t stop the man how is enthusiast of his work. At his own risk N. N. Slavyanov continued drilling operations. He organized three shift works on his expense and in 1914 finished a well drilling which brought a powerful source of hot mineral water with a temperature of +56 degrees Celsius and a daily output of 500 thousand liters.

In 1915 the new source of mineral water according to N. N. Slavyanov’s suggestion was called “Chernyshevsky” — in honor of director of the Geological Committee academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences Feodosiya Nikolaevich Tchernyshev who died in 1914. And by a season of 1917 was open the pump room of a new source in style of neoclassicism according the project of Pyatigorsk architect A.M.Model’. In 1916 newspaper “Kavkazsky Kray” wrote: “By a new coming summer season Zheleznovodsk will be enriched with two new pump rooms … To equip the pump room № 1 were spent 5000 rubles and on the pump room of Chernyshevsky source 12 000 rubles”.

In 1916 was made a well capping so its daily output was reduced to 360 thousand liters and further was established at the level of 250-280 thousand liters. During the capping of a new well N. N. Slavyanov for the first time used thick-walled cast-iron pipes with a thread which after that were used at many other mineral water sources.

Ф.Н. Чернышев

Zheleznovodsk Medical Society in August, 1918 sent to Geological Committee the following letter: “Geologist N. N. Slavyanov is first who explored all water resources of our resort and the new sources were explored, such as drilling rig № 16 with Vladimirskiy, was created exemplary capping of new sources and the old sources were fixed. During five years of work N.N.Slavyanov made more for our group, than was made during all last centuries, and with opening of a new source (drilling rig № 16) he created new wide prospect for development of our resort. Recognizing the invaluable services rendered by geologist N.N.Slavyanov to the resort, Zheleznovodsk Medical Society in 1915 decided to call this source a “drilling rig № 16 Slavyanovsky” and to elect geologist N.N.Slavyanov together with geologist A.P.Gerasimov the honorary members”. Then at end of the 1918 the source of mineral water got its modern name — “Slavyanovsky”.

Nikolay Nikolaevich Slavyanov died on October 16, 1958; he was buried on Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. The monument on a tomb of outstanding Russian scientist N. N. Slavyanov is made in the shape of pavilion of discovered by him the Slavyanovsky source of mineral water.