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Nagutskoe field

The Nagutskoe field of mineral waters has very interesting and at the same time difficult destiny. Its opening happened in the 60th years of the XX century during oil and gas fields drilling. Were discovered richest stocks of valuable mineral waters of a different chemical composition, however several times their development and commercial operation been stopped for a long time. Perhaps, no other field of mineral water in the North Caucasus experienced such contrast periods of development and dark oblivion as Nagutskoe. That is why its history is especially informative for us.

In early eighties of the XX century in the Soviet Union appeared the necessity of development of a new mineral water source because was found out that available fields of mineral water “Eessentuky № 4” and “Eessentuky № 17” did not provide any more all needs of the Eessentuky resort. This fact induced beginning of new prospecting works on the Nagutskoe field which were stopped right after opening of mineral water because of their extremely difficult technical and geological conditions.

Resumption of works on the Nagutskoe field of mineral water is entirely a merit of the chief of Kavminvodsky hydrogeological party of Boris Iosifovich Minkin. Facing arisen difficulties he appealed to colleagues from Volga-Don geological management and with their help prospecting works on a field were continued in the Mineralnye Vody and Andropovsky districts. At that time the Nagutskaya Hydrogeological Party which was led by Boris Iosifovich Minkin was created, the candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences Gennady Feliksovich Kowalewski was appointed the chief hydro-geologist and the chief engineer was Victor Ivanovich Ostroukhov.

Mineral water of the Nagutskoe field was at a depth of 1500 meters and had a temperature to 100 degrees Celsius. Prospecting works became complicated because of thermal waters and allocation of a large amount of spontaneous gas. However it didn’t prevent to finish work safely. From 1976 to 1986 on the Nagutskoe field of mineral water lots of new types of mineral waters were discovered. Among those were analogs of widely known types: “Eessentuky No. 4”, “Borjomi”, “Dilizhan”, “Lazarevsky”, “Rychal – su”, “Ankavansky”, “Arzani”.

However not only the diluted mineral water was a result of the works. During this period were tested and applied practically dozens of methods of hydrogeological researches and drilling of wells in the most difficult conditions. Unique experience of exploring of the Nagutskoe field of mineral water became property of the advanced domestic and world science and was noted with twenty six medals at the Exhibition of achievements of a national economy also was shined in tens of articles in mass media and scientific editions.

For industrial bottling of mineral water from Nagutskoe field there was built a plant with mineral water pipe line from a well. At the first stage productivity of plant was 400 m3 per day that allowed to cover necessity of many regions of the Soviet Union. However at 90th years the situation on the Nagutskoe field of mineral water became worse. Production, bottling of mineral water and of course additional investigation were suspended.

And only in 1999 the Nagutskoe field began to revive. After additional exploration the resource capacity of field was reestimated as having more resource potential. At this moment on the Nagutskoe field there are five operational wells giving four types of mineral water which are curative mineral water “Eessentuky № 17”, a curative – table water “Eessentuky № 4”, borjomi type waters “Nagutskaya-26” and “Nagutskaya-56”. Two types among those deserve special attention because “Nagutskaya-26” and “Nagutskaya-56” chemical composition is identical to composition of world famous mineral Borjomi water.